Communications training and consultancy
prices (2019)

Invest your budget in working with me and you’ll get someone creative who will coach and challenge, who has over 15 years of practical experience, and understands the pressure communications teams face.

My communications training prices are all-inclusive, and from the start you’ll know exactly how much you’re investing in your team’s development.

Choose an away-day in London, or invite Helen to come to your offices or a training venue you have organised, anywhere within the UK.

1. Choose from training away days, or learn where you work

Option A: in-house

  • Hel will travel to training facilities you provide at your offices, or arranged by your team (this can be anywhere in the UK – there is a surcharge for training outside the UK)
  • Workbooks for all delegates
  • Comms goodie bags for all delegates

Option B: the London or Cardiff away day experience 

  • Training venue provided by Hel in an easy to access London site, or join her in a private training room in Cardiff
  • Lunch and coffee provided
  • Workbooks for all delegates
  • Comms goodie bags for all delegates

2. Choose how much training you need

A. The comms octopus – one-day masterclass

A day of teaching, practical tasks, creativity, inspiration and skills. Get ready for a unique learning experience!

B. The comms unicorn package – extra support and insight

TWO separate masterclasses of your choice, delivered over three-months

C. The comms dragon package – complete skills for the team

  • THREE separate masterclasses of your choice, delivered over six-months period
  • Membership for each delegate to exclusive online comms club with training videos, communications planning templates and other resources

*This is the complete price as VAT is not payable.
Prices include Hel’s travel and accommodation within the UK.
For classes in the Republic of Ireland, there is a surcharge of £450 per masterclass.

Communications consultancy packages

Social media audit, analysis and masterclass

This research and report gives you all the insights and recommendations you need to make your social media output and engagement transformative for your organisation.

The report will include recommendations, and areas for growth.  

Hel with then design a masterclass to give your comms team the advanced skills and inspiration they need to address the recommended actions for social media improvement.

Perfect for a team with bags of potential, and ready to take your organisation’s social media to the next level.  Hel will help you use what you’ve got to become a leading comms team in your sector.

VIP comms pro day – for one or two people

* Spend a day picking Hel’s brain, problem-solving, generating ideas together

* Analyse the way you work and spot opportunities for improvement

* Use  models and techniques to tap into your creativity

* End the day inspired, with an action plan for your comms project or career

* Hel can travel to a UK venue of your choice, or join her in a cosy and private office space in Cardiff

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